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AssertException in process_common.c

From: Allen Shaw
Subject: AssertException in process_common.c
Date: Thu, 14 Oct 2004 11:10:53 -0400

Hello folks,

Our sysadmin recently upgraded the kernel and restarted, after which I
didn't start monit for a couple of weeks until now.  Now, monit fails to
start, citing an AssertException in process_common.c.  Here's the log:

> [CDT Oct 14 10:01:37] Starting monit daemon with http interface at
> [CDT Oct 14 10:01:37] Starting monit HTTP server at [*:2812]
> [CDT Oct 14 10:01:37] monit HTTP server started
> [CDT Oct 14 10:01:37] AssertException: at process/process_common.c:191
> aborting..

System is Linux

I'm guessing I will need to debug this with strace or gdb, but can someone
help me with the output and/or other details?  (Alternatively, I could just
be a bonehead and be doing something wrong, but in this case at least it
doesn't seem so.)

Thanks much,

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