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monit 4.3 question

From: 平震宇
Subject: monit 4.3 question
Date: Wed, 19 May 2004 15:11:36 +0800

Dear Sir:

The following configure file can work in  monit4.1 but can not work monit4.3

outgate npssv update is the my program. if the programm not run ,I use monit 
start the program

monit -d 10
configure file: /etc/monitrc
   set daemon  120          

  check process outgate with pidfile /opt/nps/pid/
    start program = "/opt/nps/bin/outgate"

  check process npssv with pidfile /opt/nps/pid/
    start program = "/opt/nps/bin/npssv"

  check process update with pidfile /opt/nps/pid/
    start program = "/opt/nps/bin/update pktgate"

>> "Tom O'Brien" <address@hidden> writes:
>>> What is the event definition that triggers the alert?
>Just to answer this one also, since that was your actual question :)
>The event that triggers an alert if a connection fails or if a
>protocol test fails is "connection". So when you correctly use:
> alert address@hidden { timeout connection checksum nonexist }
>  or 
> alert address@hidden
>you should get an alert when the protocol test fails, but remember
>that monit only sends 1 (one) failed alert for each service and only
>send a new failed alert if a service gets up and *then* fails
>again. So when you did not get an alert it may be because the
>connection to port 1033 failed earlier?
>If this is not the case and you didn't not get an alert the first time
>your send/expect test failed it's a bug in monit and we need to fix
>it. However, doing a fast test I can't really reproduce the problem on
>my machine.
>Jan-Henrik Haukeland
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