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monit 4.3, what event for generic protocol failure?

From: Tom O'Brien
Subject: monit 4.3, what event for generic protocol failure?
Date: 17 May 2004 11:13:00 -0400

Hi all:
I've just upgraded to monit 4.3, and am experimenting with a new feature
(to me): generic protocol testing.

Here's a portion of my monit configuration:

  if failed port 1033
    send "AG_PROBE\n"
    expect "AG_OK\n"
  with timeout 15 seconds then alert
  alert address@hidden { timeout connection checksum nonexist }

I get alerts when I cannot connect to port 1033, but when the server
program is not calling accept(), I get the following logs, and no

May 17 11:00:08 kanplay monit[4709]: GENERIC: successfully sent:
May 17 11:00:23 kanplay monit[4709]: GENERIC: error receiving data --
Resource temporarily unavailable
May 17 11:00:23 kanplay monit[4709]: 'guardian' failed protocol test
[generic] at INET[localhost:1033].

When I change my alert definition to:
alert address@hidden

I do get an alert, however the $EVENT is set to "Connection failed",
which is the same as the $EVENT when port 1033 was not available.

What is the event definition that triggers the alert?


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