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Re: resources about monit

From: Martin Pala
Subject: Re: resources about monit
Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2003 23:01:09 +0200
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Christian Hopp wrote:


some possible additions for Ballyhoo,

A nice interview with Hauk, I didn't know that you speak that well
Czech (-:

It is Slovak language (the federation with Czech republic was broken in 1993) - it is different, but it is easily possible to understand if you know Czech ;)

Thats where we find the OpenBSD 'port' of monit,

It will be nice if some OpenBSD developer will join us.

A nice german article in the "central information service" of the
University of Innsbruck, Austria,

Interesting. They warned about syntax:

monit stop [progname]

*Achtung - wird |[progname]| weggelassen, werden ALLE von monit ├╝berwachten Dienste angehalten!!!*

I think Christian addressed it in the passed and we decided not to secure it. I think we maybe shall discuss it again - if the user makes "automatically" SYSV style "monit stop" to quit monit (which is wrong way to do it), he will stop all monitored services which is unlikely. It is very easy to make a mistake even though you are "skilled" monit user.

It is true that it isn't very good to try to be smarter then the user and make unnecessary "red tapes" (once you have superuser rigths and command line, nothing is secured any more ;) but maybe in this case it will be better to secure it because of catastrophal consequences of it in the case of carelessness.

I think Christian proposed to change it to:

monit (start|stop} {all|programme}

where "all" tag is defined in the case you need to start/stop all programs.

What about it?


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