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Re: Anyone heard of Kolab???

From: Jan-Henrik Haukeland
Subject: Re: Anyone heard of Kolab???
Date: 19 Jun 2003 21:51:34 +0200
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Christian Hopp <address@hidden> writes:

> Was just goolgling "monit" and I saw that a somehow KDE connected project
> call "Kolab" is using monit and reporting instablilies.  But I haven't
> heard any questions on the list here.
> Does someone have information or is even a Kolab dev reading this list?
> It would be interesting to know about the instabilities.

I also read about kolab and monit a while ago, and after I read this
mail; <URL:> I
sent the kolab project leader a mail asking him what kind of trouble
they had with monit. I got a nice and friendly answer back, but
unfortunately not very specific about the alleged monit problems.

Actually, here is why I think they dropped monit (for now); They had a
tight deadline for the Kolab 1.0 release and plenty of work to do.
(I'm not sure but I think the project is partly privately financed,
which may have put the pressure on). Since monit was not an integral
part of the delivery they may have thought that it was better to skip
monit for the 1.0 release and *not* use valuable time to tweak it to
fit with Kolab and instead use the resources to finalize the more
significant parts of the release. This is very understandable an I
also got the impression that they will try to reintroduce and use
monit again in later Kolab releases.

To answer your second question, If I'm not mistaken I think the Kolab
project leader is subscribing to this mailing list.

Jan-Henrik Haukeland

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