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GNU Make 3.80 on Cygwin expanding variables improperly?

From: Greg Wilson
Subject: GNU Make 3.80 on Cygwin expanding variables improperly?
Date: Fri, 19 May 2006 14:12:15 -0400 (EDT)


I'm using GNU Make 3.80 with Cygwin on Microsoft Windows XP (Home
Edition).  The Makefile is attached; you can also get it, and the lecture
slides I build with it, via:

    svn co swc

On all three of my Linux machines (Ubuntu and Fedora Core), and on my
Windows XP Pro machine, the variable GFX_SRC expands correctly --- run:

    make settings | grep GFX_SRC | sed -e 's|./lec|\n./lec|g'

and you'll get the output in the attachment correct.txt.  Run the same
command on my XP Home Edition laptop, and GFX_SRC is incorrect (see the
contents of attachment incorrect.txt).

For example, there is an image file './lec/img/shell02/pipes.png'.  In the
correct listing, it appears once, correctly.  In the incorrect listing, it
appears as it should, but it also appears as './lec/img/shell01/pipes.png'
('01' instead of '02').  Since there's no such file, the Makefile halts
with an error.

I'm hoping someone can tell me that (a) I'm defining things incorrectly,
it's all my fault, I should have read the manual, etc., or (b) this is a
known bug in GNU Make 3.80 on Cygwin, there's a workaround, and I should
have read the manual.

Thanks in advance for your help,
Greg Wilson

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