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Weird build problem

From: Mannion, Enda
Subject: Weird build problem
Date: Fri, 19 May 2006 17:00:38 +0100



I have a strange build problem.


I am building an exe, this exe links to a number of static libraries maybe 20 in all and all are built from my code. I am using the gmake build system and the MS visual studio 2003 compiler and linker.


When I perform a completely clean build the binary builds fine to a size of 2900K but if i make a small code change to a cxx file and only perform a build that is not a complete clean build then the binary only builds to 2200K.


In both cases the code builds without any errors but in the case of the smaller exe the program starts but just terminates pretty much in thin air. It Usually terminated in the instance() function of a singleton, this singleton is a template base class used by a few classes that I want to be singletons.


I can get it to work for me if I delete only one of the .lib files the binary links to, it is always the same lib file, then it will build to 2900k without a clean build.


This is very strange, is my build not linking to some file.


Can anyone help me with this one?







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