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RE: Dependencies on directories on NTFS volumes

From: Casper Hornstrup
Subject: RE: Dependencies on directories on NTFS volumes
Date: Sat, 26 Mar 2005 16:20:34 +0100

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> From: Paul Smith [mailto:address@hidden On Behalf Of Paul D. Smith
> Sent: 26. marts 2005 14:05
> To: Casper Hornstrup
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> Subject: RE: Dependencies on directories on NTFS volumes
>   >> I don't think the current behavior is incorrect, and I don't think it
>   >> needs to be fixed.  After all, you could get identical behavior with
>   >> files, rather than directories, if you set your makefile up that
>   >> way... so don't do that :-).
>   ch> No, since I can't put files and directories in recently generated
>   ch> files.  I can put them in recently created directories though.
> What I mean is, you can have a rule that updates the mod time on files
> in the same way as directories.
> In general it's not a good idea to have directories be prerequisites of
> "normal" (non-.PHONY) targets.  Only in special circumstances is it
> warranted.

My problem is that I need to support putting generated files into another
directory. I mirror the source directory structure based at a directory
selectable by an environment variable named ROS_INTERMEDIATE. I have the
intermediate output files (*.o, *.a, *.coff) depend on their parent
directories and have rules for creating the directories if they don't exist.
Actually, there is another environment variable ROS_OUTPUT that works the
same way. The files that are in this tree are *.exe, *.dll, and *.sys.
ROS_INTERMEDIATE and ROS_OUTPUT can be equal or be different. For instance
they may be on separate disks (possibly RAM disks) for fast automated
builds. This works on FAT volumes, but not on any other type of filesystem
it seems.

I could have a big directories target that would create all the directories,
and not have any other target depend on it. This would be okay for automated
builds, but for daily work it would be very annoying to have to remember to
do a "make directories" every time the directory structure changes.


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