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RE: Dependencies on directories on NTFS volumes

From: Casper Hornstrup
Subject: RE: Dependencies on directories on NTFS volumes
Date: Sat, 26 Mar 2005 12:27:35 +0100

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> From: Paul Smith [mailto:address@hidden On Behalf Of Paul D. Smith
> Sent: 26. marts 2005 00:11
> To: Casper Hornstrup
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> Subject: Re: Dependencies on directories on NTFS volumes
> %% "Casper Hornstrup" <address@hidden> writes:
>   ch> On NTFS volumes, the last modification time of directories is
>   ch> changed whenever a change occurs to the directory or an entry
>   ch> within it.
> It seems like standard filesystem behavior to me.  Based on my reading
> of the MS doc you linked, UNIX filesystems work the same way.

That seems to be correct. I've just had someone check and the same problem
is on linux. FAT don't behave this way though. Since unix don't have the
creation time, it cannot be changed for unix, so disregard this patch.

>   ch> This patch changes so the creation time is always used instead of
>   ch> the last modification time for directories on Windows.
> I don't think the current behavior is incorrect, and I don't think it
> needs to be fixed.  After all, you could get identical behavior with
> files, rather than directories, if you set your makefile up that
> way... so don't do that :-).

No, since I can't put files and directories in recently generated files.
I can put them in recently created directories though.


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