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Windows make issues

From: Jim
Subject: Windows make issues
Date: Tue, 20 Apr 2004 14:12:06 -0700
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I'm using a version of make 3.80 compiled for windows using visual studio.

There are some issues.....

a> some windows compilers like to have \'s in path names. If I'm not running sh.exe - make itself seems to strip the \'s before issuing the command... when it prints the command it's about to do, that looks correct, and I can copy and paste what I see, and it works, however, if I dump the actual command line generated the \'s in the path names are all removed.

b> There needs to be a standard way to tell make to launch command XYZ in directory PDQ, cd XYZ;PDQ fails, since windows interpretors take the command line as an argument to cd. Of course cd XYZ followed by command PDQ on a sperate line also fails, since each command is atomic. Oh Perhaps I got around that using define... nope can't do it that way - guess I just decided to not do things that way - but again I'm coming up with a need/desire to change to set the current working directory before running a command so it's files are generated in the right place....


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