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RE: Case-sensitivity in DOS filenames

From: Andy Voelkel
Subject: RE: Case-sensitivity in DOS filenames
Date: Tue, 18 Nov 2003 22:13:40 -0800

>> Got another TMS320C549 cross compiler I can use?
>That's not the issue here.  You asked why would _anyone_ want a
>case-sensitive build of Make, and I tried to explain that.  It
>certainly _is_ possible to have a development environment which
>preserves letter-case in file names on Windows, although perhaps not
>for TMS320C549 (can't you build a cross-GCC that targets the TMS?).
>Thus, the case-sensitive build of Make has its place under the sun.

Yes, you are right. You did explain why someone might want a
case-sensitive version of make. It was just the silly comment at the end
that ticked me off and resulted in my flip reply. Suggesting that I
simply shouldn't use the tools at my disposal because they are flawed
with regards to case-sensitivity was kind of unnecessary. Trying to
build my own GCC based C549 compiler tool would be an irresponsible use
of the time my employer pays me for, for many reasons that I won't
bother getting into here.

No program is perfect. Based on this discussion, for instance, I'd have
to say that GNU make, in a Windows environment, is flawed because the
case-sensitivity cannot be controlled at runtime. But it is obviously
still an extremely useful program.

- Andy

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