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Re: Case-sensitivity in DOS filenames

From: Jens M Pedersen
Subject: Re: Case-sensitivity in DOS filenames
Date: Tue, 18 Nov 2003 15:47:37 +0100

Earnie - Thank you for good answers.

I have now tried the mingw32-make version 3.80 from the distribution you
pointed on.

It solves my case-sensitivity problem,
but it still wonder if I can control the case sensitivity at run-time?

It dont solve the foreground-background problem,
but I have found a work-around by combining the critical commands in a BAT


Jens Mose Pedersen

BK Medical

Jens M Pedersen wrote:
> Hi
> My version is GNU make 3.78.1 and environment is Win2000.
> I have downloaded two different versions of GNU make for Windows.
> Both reply
>    GNU Make version 3.78.1, by Richard Stallman and Roland McGrath.
>    Built for Windows32
> One version comes from
> The other comes from Analog Devices with a lot of compilers and other
> stuff.
> Now I discover that the version from unisutils are case-insensitive on
> names
> and the one from Analog is case-sensitive.
> How can that be?

Different preprocessor flags that include or don't include code specific
to the nature desired or not desired.

> Is there a possibility to control the case-sensitivity behaviour?
> People use Window does seldom case about filename case
> and I may find the the file name case is different from PC to PC.
> I would like the make to work on all PCs.
> Any hints.

Simple answer, is to make sure the version you use is configured for
case insensitivity.  Perhaps, would
work better for you.  It is configured with case insensitivity.

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