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variables with spaces

From: Karl Pitrich
Subject: variables with spaces
Date: 31 Mar 2003 18:13:19 +0200

hi list,

i'm trying to get rid of a proprietary make and replace it with gnumake
on a w32 platform. (sed(1) did the file-converting job jsut fine :-)

i have some troubles with spaces in filenames;
make does not seem to escape them properly, thus
FOO="/some path/to a/path" will result in ie. 3 dependencies or 3

using \ to quote the ' ' will work tough...
("/some\ path/to\ a/program")

i consider this a bug in make, because windows frequently has spaces in
pathnames. (default install of VisualStoodioo, ie)

does anybody have a fix for this? or tips to fix that?

thanks for any help,


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