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Re: variables with spaces

From: Paul D. Smith
Subject: Re: variables with spaces
Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2003 11:36:50 -0500

%% Karl Pitrich <address@hidden> writes:

  kp> i have some troubles with spaces in filenames;

GNU make does not support spaces in filenames.  Essentially it was
developed for UNIX where spaces in filenames are allowed but very rare,
and there are far too many places that the code assumes it can use
simple whitespace as word delimiters.  This is even codified in the
POSIX standard for make in some places.

  kp> i consider this a bug in make, because windows frequently has
  kp> spaces in pathnames. (default install of VisualStoodioo, ie)

  kp> does anybody have a fix for this? or tips to fix that?

The suggestions for fixing this are (a) map a drive to the top level of
your build tree to handle spaces in the path prefix, and avoid spaces
inside your build tree, or (b) use 8.3 filenames instead of full ones
(this is a big problem because they are not constant: when you add files
they may change).

Neither of these answers are very good, but the only other ones right now
are "don't use whitespace in filenames", or "don't use make".

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