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Re: Automatic prerequisite generation

From: Earnie Boyd
Subject: Re: Automatic prerequisite generation
Date: Sun, 26 Jan 2003 09:59:51 -0500
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Mike Capp wrote:
Greg Chicares wrote:

Mike Capp wrote:

the MSYS shell seems too restrictive with regard to where you put your
files, running make from editors and capturing the output, and so on.

You can do
  make 2>&1 |less
  make some_target >/tmp/captured-output 2>&1
  make 2>&1 | tee captured-output
What do you want instead?

As you doubtless guessed, I think my objections largely stemmed from ignorance here. I'd heard that MSYS was purely an interactive shell, based on the assumption that you'd always be running 'make' from the supplied rxvt terminal, and the docs that came with it mostly reinforce that impression. This would make it pretty useless as an external tool for an editor. If, as seems to be the case, you can also run the sh.exe directly or specify it as the system shell inside your makefile, MSYS gets a *lot* more attractive.

Please help me correct your confusion. At what point does the documentation need improved?


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