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RE: Automatic prerequisite generation

From: Heiko Gerdau
Subject: RE: Automatic prerequisite generation
Date: Sun, 26 Jan 2003 15:09:55 +0100


Greg Chicares wrote:
> I spent frustrating years trying to get the
> shells ms provides to do what I want, in
> particular to work with *nix tools like make.

I'm still in that "frustrating" process but after all my build
environment is working quit well in the native windows shell with
several compilers. But there are some problems left with the mingw-port
of gnu make which I do not see with other win32 ports (but those have
other problems).
Here is one, maybe someone can help. The following Makefile does not
work in a windows shell. Make trys to interpret the for loop and fails.
But I think make should just pass anything is does not know to the
shell. Is it a bug or do I miss something?

# -----------Start Makefile ----------------------------
all: prepare cleanall

        @if not exist dir1 mkdir dir1
        @if not exist dir2 mkdir dir2
        @copy Makefile dir1
        @copy Makefile dir2

        @for %d in (dir1 dir2) do $(MAKE) -k -r clean srcdir="%d"

        @echo "*** cleaning $(srcdir) ***"
# -----------End Makefile ----------------------------


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