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Re: Advice on "clean:" rule for Win32 platform needed...

From: Greg Chicares
Subject: Re: Advice on "clean:" rule for Win32 platform needed...
Date: Sat, 30 Mar 2002 10:51:51 -0500

Bryan Miller wrote:
> [...]On Unix I do something like:
> clean:
>         address@hidden $(BASE_OBJS)
>         for APP in $(APP_OBJS) ; do \
>           rm $(APP); \
>         done;
> On Win32 the both commands below seem to overflow the cmd.exe buffer due the 
> size
> of the list of objects (~150-200 items):
> clean:
>         address@hidden $(BASE_OBJS)
>         for %f in ($(APP_OBJS)) do @echo %f
> I know some of you must maintain large build environments on the Win32 
> platform.

Eli's advice is best: use win32 ports of GNU utilities.

I've tried maintaining makefiles that would work on
both win95 and win2k. Don't go there. There are
subtle differences between the windows COMMAND.COM
and CMD.EXE shells. Redirection in particular varies
greatly between them, and neither one will behave
the same as *nix. My work has been much easier since
I started using a win32 port of a *nix shell: now I
can just write *nix-style rules for GNU make.

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