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Advice on "clean:" rule for Win32 platform needed...

From: Bryan Miller
Subject: Advice on "clean:" rule for Win32 platform needed...
Date: Fri, 29 Mar 2002 15:18:51 -0800

Hello all,

This may be slightly off topic so I apologise in advance if it is.

I am porting GNU make files from a platform I know very well (U**X) to one I
don't (Win32) and I am having problems with the lack of shell commands such as
for/do and xargs.  On Unix I do something like:

        address@hidden $(BASE_OBJS)
        for APP in $(APP_OBJS) ; do \
          rm $(APP); \

On Win32 the both commands below seem to overflow the cmd.exe buffer due the 
of the list of objects (~150-200 items):

        address@hidden $(BASE_OBJS)
        for %f in ($(APP_OBJS)) do @echo %f

I know some of you must maintain large build environments on the Win32 platform.
What are the
"better" ways of writing clean rules?  My next step is just to write a Perl
script and call that but it doesn't seem terribly clean.


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