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Re: [Lzip-bug] [PATCH] lzip on Windows

From: JonY
Subject: Re: [Lzip-bug] [PATCH] lzip on Windows
Date: Tue, 13 Oct 2009 09:05:05 +0800
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On 10/13/2009 03:33, Antonio Diaz Diaz wrote:
Dear Jon,

Thank you for the patch, but I'm afraid I can't accept it by a number of

It is too intrusive. I am pretty sure lines like this
snprintf( buf, sizeof buf, "%"LZIPLL"d %s", num, p );
will break compilation on some other systems.

It is for a system too different from posix systems, and there is at
least a way of compiling lzip in windows that does not need to obscure
the code with conditional compilation constructs; Cygwin.


It is also possible to use "%ll" on MinGW via MinGW printf wrappers, but it requires a fairly modern MinGW support CRT, possibly GCC too. The Windows specific _setmode() however, is still needed for piping to tar.

Do you recommend that I try to remove as much ifdefs as possible?

It is for a concrete compiler, MSVC. But you say that "it doesn't work
with MSVC yet"!

No, I have not done work for a MSVC port yet, it will come later if needed, implementing a minimalist stdint.h for MSVC is not hard.

Right now it works with MinGW GCC.

Have you considered the possibility of maintaining a port? Ports for
systems very different from the original help to maintain the upstream
source clean and simple.

Do you mean maintaining local patches? If so, that is a possibility, but I would like to push changes upstream if possible.

I am relying on the test suite to tell me if lzip is actually working, any chance of adding a testsuite for lziprecover?

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