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Re: [Lynx-dev] glibc-detected "double free or corruption bug" in lynx (2

Subject: Re: [Lynx-dev] glibc-detected "double free or corruption bug" in lynx (2.8.8dev.14)
Date: Sat, 26 Jan 2013 12:39:09 +0100

I will not release the full Lynx Trace file as it cannot be anonymized
and reveal too much about me and my habits. But I will still look
inside for keywords like "Error" or "TODO" inside it.

Is there any other keyword of interest to track in the full Lynx Trace file ?

> I'd add the "--enable-debug" option to the configure options.
> [...]
> I use valgrind on various programs using a script like this:
> [...]

Thank you very much. I will setup this in the near future.

> gdb /usr/bin/lynx core
> bt
> ...shows the traceback
> quit

> That would be "dev", not "pre":
> 2012-11-18 (2.8.8dev.15)
> 2012-08-22 (2.8.8dev.14)
> [...]

Gentoo Linux does not handle _dev versions :-(

Some maintainer replaced _dev by _pre, back in 2009, he should have
better taken _alpha (or _beta), now it is too late.

The version you plan to name 2.8.8pre.1 cannot be called 2.8.8_pre1 in
Gentoo Linux (because is would be marked older than 2.8.8_pre15).

Do you mind if I ask gentoo to call 2.8.8_rc_beta16 and 2.8.8_rc_pre1
the versions that you plan to name 2.8.8dev.16 and 2.8.8pre.1 ? They
would be marked newer than 2.8.8_pre15, and future version 2.8.8 will
be marked older than 2.8.8_rc_pre1.

Thank you again for your commitment !

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