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Re: [Lynx-dev] glibc-detected "double free or corruption bug" in lynx (2

Subject: Re: [Lynx-dev] glibc-detected "double free or corruption bug" in lynx (2.8.8dev.14)
Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2013 10:29:40 +0100

Thank you for you answer.

a) I used the stock lynx compiled for Linux Sabayon, available here:

I think reasonably it was compiled using the script
called by the commandline `USE="bzip2 cjk gnutls -idn ipv6 nls ssl
unicode" emerge -nav =www-client/lynx-2.8.8_pre14` (will work on any
sabayon or gentoo installation, you may try a liveCD).

This commandline applies three of the patches publicly available at
(click on the link labeled "1.1" to look at a specific patch; details
about bug number 352712, for example, can be found at ).

I provide here the meaning of elements in variable USE, that are
somehow passed to you configure script:

bzip2   : Use the bzlib compression library
cjk     : Adds support for Multi-byte character languages (Chinese,
Japanese, Korean)
gnutls  : Use gnutls library for HTTPS support (openssl is the default
library for HTTPS support).
-idn    : DO NOT Enable support for Internationalized Domain Names
ipv6    : Adds support for IP version 6
nls     : Adds Native Language Support (using gettext - GNU locale utilities)
ssl     : Enable HTTPS support.
unicode : Adds support for Unicode


b) Can you explain to me how to modify this script
so that it will use valgrind ? (I know nothing about valgrind; you may
also just send me to a web page with an example of valgrind, I will
try to adapt it). To have a basic understanding of this script,
"emake" means make, "econf" means ./configure, ...

The bug happened when loading page which I use a lot,
so I also thought that the bug was not reproducible.
Nethertheless, I will try to load all pages present in the
/tmp/lynxXXXXoXjg2y then-used folder and see if I can reproduce the
bug. This folder contains 285 files, and I cannot make an anonymized
version of it :-(. The last file in that folder,
L12307-227TMP.html.gz, is the one that triggered, once, the bug.

Are you able to use a coredump file if I provide one ? If you answer
yes, I will from know use lynx so that it dumps core next time I have
a bug to report.

The bug happened on a lynx process started 07 Jan 2013. The system has
been updated afterwards, on 09/01/2013, upgrading to
www-client/lynx-2.8.8_pre15 (from ..._pre14), and to
net-dns/libidn-1.26 (from ..-1.25). The bug happened on Monday, after
this upgrade.


Thank you soo much for taking care of Lynx.

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