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[Lynx-dev] problem head use

From: gazgaz ####
Subject: [Lynx-dev] problem head use
Date: Sun, 16 Oct 2011 10:05:31 +0200


is it possible to explain me what difference or not between lynx command as:
lynx -head " " and firefox page info head use?

In this page there's a 302 apache response with it would seem no special redirect with lynx at all.
I can say that i use squelette ahuntsic:
the result is:
if i use squellette ahuntsic with multi language configured
in http:/
there 's a 302 lynx report  
and with only one language
there's a 200 response.
With  firefox page info head use, there's a 200 with multi or unilanguage.

in my web site ,there is not a  temp redirect with lynx  .

I do not understand

What commands i must use? lynx -head or firefox page info head ?
Thanks for answer


I see this problem because once upon a day
in access.log a yahoo report with /blabla --> 302 response and not 404!


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