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Re: [Lynx-dev] Color in an Emacs terminal emulator (eterm)

From: Bryan Henderson
Subject: Re: [Lynx-dev] Color in an Emacs terminal emulator (eterm)
Date: Fri, 14 Oct 2005 18:53:02 +0000

>> When I page down, areas on the left of the screen that are supposed to
>> be a blank left margin retain their contents from the previous page.
>> For example, <>.

>I don't have eterm handy, but looking to see if it is an effect of $TERM,
>ncurses or lynx in an xterm I don't see this effect.  I looked with current
>(2.8.6dev.13), and release (2.8.5).  If I can reproduce it, I can analyze it.

Me too.  I see the problem only in an eterm (in an actual eterm (Emacs
'term' command), with TERM=eterm).

You said before you had reproduced another problem with an eterm, so I
hope you can have one handy soon and see if you can reproduce this

>> This is with both the old black and white eterm definition (from
>> Ncurses) and the new color one (from Emacs), both Emacs 20 and Emacs
>> 21.  In a 'linux' terminal, it works fine.  It's the same with and
>> without your patch applied.
>Is that "'linux' terminal" just a regular Linux console, or Emacs terminal
>using $TERM set to 'linux'?

It's an actual Linux console; no emacs involved.  (I thought using the
Ncurses name for the terminal type would be less ambiguous and that it
was implied that I matched my TERM with the actual terminal; sorry for
the confusion).

Bryan Henderson                                    Phone 408-621-2000
San Jose, California

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