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RE: [Lynx-dev] Using Lynx on small embedded devices?

From: Small, Gene
Subject: RE: [Lynx-dev] Using Lynx on small embedded devices?
Date: Tue, 7 Dec 2004 13:41:46 -0500

The display is 16x40 characters (128 x 240 pixels). We can display any one of
256 predefined characters at any pixel location. No color, underlining, shades,
etc. The device uses a real-time version of Linux so porting Lynx, ncurses, etc
should not be a problem - already runs there in a telnet environment. Whatever
approach is taken it would be necessary for us to be able to attach/detach the
navigation knob and display because Lynx would only be used in one of several
modes of the device. In other modes the display shows real-time stuff and the
knobs have dedicated functions.

Gene Small

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From: Thomas Dickey [mailto:address@hidden

On Tue, 7 Dec 2004, Small, Gene wrote:

> Thomas,
> Thanks for your input. I'm also going to look at going a level lower and
> ncurses to this device. Assuming that a port can be made do you see any issues
> related to using Lynx as is?

hmm - how large is the output screen?  (I seem to remember some code 
change needed for smaller than 24x80, in lynx).

If you're going to port ncurses, it might make more sense to add your 
knob's code down at that level (and make it return cursor-key codes, tabs, 
etc.).  It depends on whether the knob would be "always" used in the same 

You said this is embedded - what sort of system support would it be using?
ncurses does assume the underlying system has POSIX-style tcsetattr, etc.

Thomas E. Dickey

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