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lynx-dev xli -quiet

From: Ian Collier
Subject: lynx-dev xli -quiet
Date: Tue, 17 Sep 2002 13:31:57 +0100

Quote from lynx.cfg which comes with lynx-2.8.4-18 (a Red Hat 7.3 package,
if it matters):

# XLOADIMAGE_COMMAND will be used as a default in src/HTInit.c for
# viewing image content types when the DISPLAY environment variable
# is set.  Make it the full path and name of the xli (also know as
# xloadimage or xview) command, or other image viewer.
  [big snip]
# If you use xli, you may want to add the -quiet flag.

Well, now you mention it, yes I do want to add the -quiet flag; otherwise
xli spouts info in inappropriate places on the screen, which requires a
screen refresh before lynx can be used again.

I just wondered if this could be made the default setting rather than
require everyone to edit their own lynx.cfg to put it in.

Oh, and is a better place than to get xli. :-)


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