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lynx-dev Spawning an external curses-based program

From: Umar Qureshey
Subject: lynx-dev Spawning an external curses-based program
Date: Mon, 16 Sep 2002 16:15:41 -0700

  I was wondering if anyone has experienced problem launching an
ncurses-based external app from lynx.  My application is launched by lynx
but I do not see any ncurses output on the screen.  In fact, I don't even
see any output from a printf.  The only way my program can output to the
screen is to write to stderr.  I know lynx is ncurses-based so I wanted to
know if anything special needs to be done to make ncurses-based external
programs work.  I just want rudimentary ncurses functionality, nothing
fancy.  Any help appreciated.


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