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lynx-dev LYNX: bug (feature?): "]" header; P(rint) it; fname=ofWholeDoc!

From: David Combs
Subject: lynx-dev LYNX: bug (feature?): "]" header; P(rint) it; fname=ofWholeDoc!
Date: Wed, 4 Sep 2002 03:41:12 -0400
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Problem ONE: when doing a p(rint), and what's
on the screen is the http-header (via "]"),
the default name to write to is the
exact name of the document that this
header is the header *for*!

Yeah, sure, any idiot should have figured
that out, and appended "--header.txt",
or something like it, to the filename
suggested by lynx.


When it's the header that's going
to be printed (and you *know* that
it's a header, since it ws gotten
via the lynx "]"-cmd, and lynx can
just remember that fact, eg via
another item in the doc's struct or
whatever it is),

and in that case, LYNX suffixes the
doc-name with eg "--header".

MUCH nicer for the unwary.


Now, *why* would anyone want to print
that thing?

Because of that "last-modified date"
(or is it date last-modified"?) -- that
way I get a *pair* of files with matching

Then, by hand (which is a pain!), I can
look at the header, later on, and append
that last-modified date to the document-name.

(Or is there some way to hack unix's idea
of what the date is for the file?)


Of course, it'd be nicest of all if
lynx provided an option or cnf-goodie
that old lynx to always do a head on
the current file, *and* if it has a 
last-modified date, to do something 
with it, eg:

. Maybe prepend a line to the doc,
  that would say, eg:

    (NOTE: http-header says last-modified date is XXXXXX) 

. Or perhaps append that date to the suggested
  *filename* you could save it under.

. YOU add some others ...   :-)


More on WHY I need these dates: 

  Currently I'm working on a committee
  to rewrite the bylaws for a non-profit
  (and tiny) radio network, "Pacifica" (has
  5 stations, eg wbai in nyc, kpfa in Berkeley, 
  ...), and everyone (with dogs) is writing
  proposed then revised-proposed (etc)
  bylaws -- that date (in the file name itself)
  would sure be a help in keeping them 

  I say this because some others of you might
  be doing similar tasks, and this scheme
  might help you.


Anyway, thanks for reading down through
this typically way-too-long request from
David Combs.


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