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lynx-dev Yearly reminder: *always* saving .html (in /tmp?) = a big win

From: David Combs
Subject: lynx-dev Yearly reminder: *always* saving .html (in /tmp?) = a big win
Date: Wed, 4 Sep 2002 04:29:31 -0400
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Here I am signing into yahoo groups for
reading a saved listserv here.

I fill in my id, password, etc, then
to to the next link, where I see a
"bullet-list", but where the bullets
themselves aren't dots or [] or
- or anything you might expect,
but the digit SEVEN, "7".

Bizarre, Bizarre.

So, I'd like to hit backslash and see
the html, like where did those sevens
come from.

But, afraid to do that, because it
destroys into in the "form", or
cgi, or wherever.


We've been talking about this for what,
five years?  More?

SUGGESTION: as we read-in an html file
to parse, we could *very* cheaply
write each line out to some file in
eg /tmp.

The name we give to that file would be
the same name we're offered when
we've done a back-slash, and then
a p(rint).

Except, I suppose, we'd suggest (via the
default filename) /tmp.

Perhaps with a special LYNX-ONLY prefix
or suffix, so that we can easily do
a "rm lynxPrefix--*.html", say.

(do that via emacs' "dired", and you
get to see a buffer with just those filenames
to be deleted, and then you
get a "are you sure you really want to do this"
syle of question, and if you say yes,
the whole bunch dissappears, zap, gone.)

(A little safer, emacs' dired)


To avoid taking up too much room, we could 
provide a queue of some desired length (the 
smaller, the fewer files saved), maybe length
three as default, and you parse and
display on-screen t1.html -- and save that
t1.html to disk in /tmp, *and* stuff it into
the top of the queue,

If there were already three items in there,
this new one pushes out the one on the 
other end, ie the longest-in-there so far.

What to do with that one?  rm that file.

Easy.  Simple!

Enough for now.


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