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Re: lynx-dev HTTP_REFERER missing when posting from CGI

From: Thomas Dickey
Subject: Re: lynx-dev HTTP_REFERER missing when posting from CGI
Date: Mon, 31 Dec 2001 20:18:21 -0500
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On Mon, Dec 31, 2001 at 05:03:35PM -0800, Walter Ian Kaye wrote:
> At 04:43p -0800 12/31/2001, Doug Kaufman didst inscribe upon an 
> electronic papyrus:
> >Lynx is configurable on this issue. See "REFERER_WITH_QUERY" in
> >lynx.cfg.
> Thanks Doug! Umm, I would see it, but it's not in my lynx.cfg -- was 
> that added very recently? ::checking /usr/local/lib/lynx.cfg:: Oh 
> boy, a whole new thing, with .h1 and .h2 and stuff like that. Too bad 
> these files don't come with version numbers. I guess 
> REFERER_WITH_QUERY was added somewhere between 2.8.2 and 2.8.4? (my 
> copy mentions 2.8.1 so it's at least that recent, and yet predates 

2.8.1 is rather old (late 1998)

The REFERER_WITH_QUERY flag was added in

1999-11-17 (2.8.3dev.15)

The CHANGES file in the sources summarizes these - see (look for CHANGES)

Thomas E. Dickey <address@hidden>

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