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lynx-dev HTTP_REFERER missing when posting from CGI

From: Walter Ian Kaye
Subject: lynx-dev HTTP_REFERER missing when posting from CGI
Date: Mon, 31 Dec 2001 00:40:08 -0800

Version: Lynx 2.8.4

Lynx isn't behaving :/ It's not sending the http_referer when I post my form, but if I view source on my error page and Lynx asks to repost the data, THEN it sends an http_referer, but only the base part, not the query string.

My CGI is a two-parter; first is a GET which brings up a form, and then the form is POSTed. I need the POST to return the GET URL via HTTP_REFERER in order to ensure that it was called from my web site. I need the query string.

Here's a URL:;ref=lynx-dev

I've tried setting NO_REFERER_HEADER:FALSE in lynx.cfg, to no avail.
What do I have to do to force Lynx to behave?


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