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lynx-dev lynx2.8.4pre.3

From: Thomas Dickey
Subject: lynx-dev lynx2.8.4pre.3
Date: Sat, 7 Jul 2001 21:42:15 -0400
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2001-07-07 (2.8.4pre.3)
* review/add descriptions of new command-line options in, lynx.hlp and
  Lynx_users_guide.html -TD
* update da.po, ja.po, ru.po, sv.po from
  (report by JS) -TD
* add command-line option -curses-pads which can be used to disable the
  left/right scrolling logic.  This is used for testing, e.g., the repaint
  bug reported below -TD
* remove logic in lynx_force_repaint() which reset the window background, since
  it does not work with the logic used to implement left/right scrolling. 
  Retested older versions of ncurses and did not find a case where this was
  needed after all (report by IZ) -TD
* revert dev.21 change to SGML_character() S_equals case, which has undesirable
  side effects regarding spacing around '=' (report by address@hidden) -TD
* define additional -trace-mask option, 1=SGML -TD
* add -trim_input_fields command-line option and corresponding
  TRIM_INPUT_FIELDS to lynx.cfg to suppress trimming of TEXT and TEXTAREA
  fields in forms.  This does not retain trailing blank lines in a TEXTAREA;
  more work would be needed to do that (reported by VH, most browsers appear to
  retain trailing blanks) -TD
* modify parsing of "<script>...</script>" to allow "<!-- ... -->" comments
  in SGML_character().  Though the HTML 4.0 spec is fairly clear, other
  browsers (and some webpages) assume that "</" does not have to be escaped
  when it appears in a script which is commented to avoid confusion with older
  browsers.  This change doesn't ensure that the comment is at the beginning
  of a line, since that's awkward to do with SGML_character(), and also leaves
  the script in a comment which works for lynx since lynx does not interpret
  it anyway -TD
* remove redundant enum identifiers in typedefs -TD
* modify parse_attributes() in LYStyle.c to allow video attributes such as bold
  and reverse to be combined with colors, used this to debug problem with
  <script> and comment -TD
* improve logic for nested-tables to handle cases such as -IZ
  TRST ignores the horizontal alignment *inside* a multi-line cell of a table. 
  This limitation, in conjunction with the nested-tables modifications does not
  work well when text with a horizontal alignment (e.g., <ul>) is put in a
  table cell.  This patch introduces a *limited* logic to take this info into
  account.  It should work OK as far as the last non-empty line of the cell is
  ended by a "line-end" command, not by a </td> (this is often the case with
  contents using horizontal formatting).
* updated URLs for ncurses (report by DK) -TD
* updated samples/bright-blue.lss -IZ
* make definition of $(SHELL) in's consistent, in terms of
  CONFIG_SHELL, since the configure script no longer uses 'include', and
  this creates some problem with nonstandard shells (report by IZ) -TD
* update/extend lists in lynx_help_main.html -Frederic L W Meunier
* add note about lynx.cfg mouse and color configuration to user's guide -PW
* document -cmd_log and -cmd_script options in user's guide (Michael Warner).

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