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Re: lynx-dev Thinking of a Possible Javascript to html Converter

From: edmondrod
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Thinking of a Possible Javascript to html Converter
Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2001 08:17:22 -0400 (EDT)

A source page converter would be missing user input.  Javascript has logic 
in it, which is processed during interaction with the user.  A converter for a 
source page would be missing input from the user.  I only know a little
HTML, but I believe the if-then type logic of javascript is not really 
available.  Logic like that in the past involved using CGI remote type 
processing.  It seems to me that processing the javascript would have to be 
done via an interpreter and "just in time" type interpretation.  

A page written in javascript could be converted, I guess, if there was
no user input influencing the variables and logic flow of the script.

Edmond Rodriguez

> From address@hidden  Thu Jun 28 08:00:57 2001
> >     Would it be possible to cause lynx to get a source page,
> > send that page to this magic JS processor which turns it in to
> > something made of proper html and feeds it back to lynx so the
> > end user sees a page that he or she can use within certain
> I don't know, but I've often wondered why a proxy or pseudo-proxy
> wouldn't work.
> >     I want to work on the problem, but I would like to dive
> > right in to the command processing part which is the heart of the
> > whole problem without having to build any more infrastructure
> > than necessary.
> Do you know about Tom Zerucha's proxy for tables?  It's a well-written
> awk script, iirc.  (See:
> It exemplifies what I'm hinting at.  You could use anything you're good
> at, perl, c, whatever, not only awk.
> The reason I mention pseudo-proxy is that it may make more sense in a
> "Lynx environment" for the user to decide whether or not a particular
> page needs to go through a JS processor.


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