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lynx-dev White space after the equal sign

From: nsh
Subject: lynx-dev White space after the equal sign
Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2001 03:36:58 +0900


I have a problem with Lynx 2.8.4dev.21 and newer.  Attribute
which followed by whitespace between equal sign and its value
has invalid value.

Here is a simple example:
        % cat test.html
        <A HREF="test1.html">test1</A>
        <A HREF= "test2.html">test2</A>
        <A HREF ="test3.html">test3</A>
        <A HREF = "test4.html">test4</A>
Both "test2" and "test4" point to "test.html" itself.

Trace log says:
        SGML: found = but no value
        SGML: Attribute value test2.html ***ignored

I think this is due to the change in 2.8.4dev.21:

> * modify S_equals in SGML_character() to recover when no attribute value
>   is given, e.g., if "alt=" is followed by whitespace.  Before, the next
>   attribute was used for the missing value -TD

Sorry, I just report without fix.

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