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lynx-dev lynx 2.8.4dev.21

From: Thomas Dickey
Subject: lynx-dev lynx 2.8.4dev.21
Date: Sun, 3 Jun 2001 16:36:23 -0400
User-agent: Mutt/1.2.5i

2001-06-02 (2.8.4dev.21)
* regenerated lynx.pot and resync'd the .po files against it with msgmerge,
  formatted to 132 columns to minimize line-breaks, for ease of comparison -TD
* add a few more #undef's to work with glibc 2.1.3 -TD
* include <signal.h> before <curses.h> to work around bug in glibc 2.1.3, which
  apparently was not used to build a system before release.  Note that the
  preferred solution is to patch /usr/include/sys/ucontext.h to avoid defining
  ERR, which is defined by all versions of curses.h (report by Karl Eichwalder
  <address@hidden>) -TD
* change lynx.cfg entry for COLOR #6 to brightred/black, which is what
  Slackware uses, to make links more visible -TD
* remove several chunks of dead (#if 0) or commented-out code, especially in
  TRSTable.c, except a few used for debugging -TD
* add checks for potential buffer overflow in increment_tagged_htline() -TD
* consolidate scattered calls to editor with function edit_temporary_file(),
  which fixes terminal modes when editing TEXTAREA -TD
* modify LYisNonAlnumKeyname(), etc., using new functions LYindex2MBM() and
  LBMBM2index() so that it should work with EBCDIC, as well as similar case of
  translation in LYBookmarks.c which assume that there are no gaps in the
  coding for the alphabet -TD
* workaround in lynx_nl2crlf() for ncurses, which did not refrain from using
  cursor-down if it was set to a newline when nonl() was specified -TD
* replace permissions[] array in LYLocal.c because cygwin (mis)implements the
  S_xxx values as a function -TD
* add ENABLE_LYNXRC setting to lynx.cfg, which allows one to modify the list
  of values which are visible on the O'ptions form which can be saved to the
  .lynxrc file -TD
* check the width of entries displayed by LYOptions.c non-forms
  boolean_choice(), to pad shorter ones with spaces -TD
* change type of LYMultiBookmarks to integer, combine with LYMBMAdvanced, to
  use enumMultiBookmarks to set it, making its configuration more easily
  table-driven -TD
* make the style of menu border/bg/entry/number/active-entry and scroll
  indicator settable -IZ
  The names in lynx.lss are
    menu.frame menu.n menu.entry
* modify cookie path prefix-comparison to ignore a trailing slash, e.g.,
  /group/sftvnews/ versus /group/sftvnews (workaround for LV visiting -TD
* cookie path= should be a prefix of the request-URI path, so do not truncate
  request-URI path in LYSetCookie() [we got mistaken "invalid cookie path=..."
  prompt in some cases previously] -LP
* parameterized the logic around URL_edit_history to add MAIL_edit_history,
  used to store addresses for Printing Options, mail file to user (request by
  LV) -TD
* check, fix minor problems with some .po files based on check_po script
  (mentioned on mutt-dev mailing list by Bjorn Jacke <address@hidden>) -TD
* fixes to build with U/Win -TD
* check width in LYpaddstr(), truncate the string if needed.  This fixes a
  case where items in very wide popup menus would wrap, e.g., the EXTERN_LINK
  menu -TD
* add a configure checks for term.h, to work around broken package for ncurses
  on cygwin -TD
* combine checks for useragent into one function LYCheckUserAgent() -TD
* add runtime toggle for EXP_NESTED_TABLES, bind this to "~" (see
  for comparison) -TD
* regenerate ja.po from lynx-2.8.3rel1.ja.po using gettext 0.10.37 and libiconv
  1.6.1 (updated by Masayuki Hatta <address@hidden>)
* changed -DNCURSES in DOS makefile to -DPDCURSES -TD
* changes for DOS makefiles with DJGPP -DK
  These changes are for DOS under DJGPP with Internationalization and SSL.  The
  openssl port for DOS is dependent on WATT32, so the link order for libraries
  has to be set appropriately.  Made EXP_NESTED_TABLES the default and changed
  the default locations for WATT-32 and PDCURSES to top-level directories.  The
  DOS port of gettext is now dependent on libiconv.a to convert character sets
  as the .mo file is read.  The format for the makefile in WWW/Library/djgpp
  now reflects the changes previously made in the src makefile.
* improve definition of CTRACE, making it an expression again as it was before
  dev.20 -PG
* move logic for cookie_domain_flag_set() out of LYReadCFG.c into LYCookie.c
  rewriting it to make it table-driven, where it is now shared with LYrcFile.c
* rewrote LYrcFile.c, making it table-driven as is LYReadCFG.c -TD
* reviewed/corrected several pointer-mismatches in PARSE_xxx() macro usage -TD
* corrected return-types of several functions in LYLocal.c, which were given as
  BOOLEAN though they return a signed integer -TD
* add DIRED support to makefile.bcb -TD
* filter the list of mime types sent in "Accept:" header for GET, to eliminate
  repeated or shadowed types, using new function HTFilterPresentations()
  (addresses Debian bug report #41594) -TD
* fix several typos in Lynx help-files -LV
* change most configure script C-preprocessor assignments to $CFLAGS to
  $CPPFLAGS, and modify logic of $TRY_CFLAGS to use CF_ADD_CFLAGS, which
  does the same thing -TD
* enable scroll indicators on the menus - shown if there is a part of menu
  before/after the visible area -IZ
* modify the context-sensitive mouse-menu, making it easier to to configure by
  reorganizing the tables used to generate the popup menu -IZ
* correct a couple of places in form_getstr() when keys were "generated"
  instead of actions, which broke mouse-navigation in input fields -IZ
* fix return value of Stbl_finishTABLE(), retesting curpos whose value may have
  been altered, e.g,.  in split_line(), causing a cell to overflow to the right
  of the visible area (even if line wrap is requested) -IZ
* change the logic of -display-charset:  before it was sometimes descriptive
  (here is the charset, behave as if it was used for display), sometimes
  prescriptive (make the display to use charset if you can).  Now it is only
  descriptive.  One is forced to use the 'O'ptions to manually load a different
  font -IZ
* move $(DEFS) and $(CHARSET_DEFS) into $(CPP_OPTS) in src/ -TD
* renamed -blink_is_boldbg command-line option to -blink, corrected ifdef's -TD
* implement -blink_is_boldbg option for OS/2 EMX and ncurses, then integrated
  some ifdef's to merge with equivalent slang code -IZ
* rewrote hardcoded if/then/else chains in handle_LYK_SHIFT_LEFT()
  handle_LYK_SHIFT_RIGHT() to repeat_to_delta() function -TD
* implement a key-accelerator for shift-left/right commands, i.e., repeating
  the shift command increases the amount by which the screen is shifted -IZ
* modify ifdef in handle_LYK_LINEWRAP_TOGGLE() to use popup menus for each
  configuration rather than limit it only to mouse-supported ones such as
  ncurses or PDCurses -TD
* changes to left/right scrolling to limit its effect to tables (IZ):
  + rename LYlineWrap variable (used to denote the column at which content is
    wrapped) to LYwideLines (used to denote the opposite sense:  true if
    wrapping is disabled).
  + add global variable LYtableCols to control the column-limit for tables.
    The two variables LYLineWrap and LYtableCols have the same effect as did
    altering LYlineWrap and LYcols, but are limited to table layout.
  + modify handle_LYK_LINEWRAP_TOGGLE(), use a popup menu to set LYwideLines
    and LYtableCols.  The latter is set to a positive integer, in units of
    1/12 of the physical screen width.
  + modify GridText.c, replacing LYcols with new macros DISPLAY_COLS and
  + keep scrollbar on the right margin of the screen when the contents are
    shifted left or right.
* modify makefile.bcb, add (tested) commented-out lines for building with
  color-styles -TD
* modify makefile.msc and makefile.bcb, add (tested) commented-out lines for
  building with winsock2 -TD
* add a configure check for napms(), use this if available to support subsecond
* rewrote www_user_search() to support both forward and backward search.
  Bound backward-search to 'N' -TD
* split-out anchor_has_target() and link_has_target() to separate the search
  loops from the search comparisons -TD
* reduce some clutter with LYno_attr_strstr() and LYno_attr_mb_strstr() macros,
  which combine the caseless/case-sensitive functions -TD
* modify S_equals in SGML_character() to recover when no attribute value
  is given, e.g., if "alt=" is followed by whitespace.  Before, the next
  attribute was used for the missing value -TD
* replace call to LYRemoveBlanks() from LYLegitimizeHREF(), which had the
  effect of removing all blanks from HREFs, with the less drastic step of
  reducing newlines and tabs to spaces and trimming leading/trailing blanks.
  Though they do not belong there, it is more likely that the HREF will work
  with embedded blanks retained -TD
* add a configure check for BSD- and SYSV-style curses touchline function,
  needed to build with NetBSD 1.5 curses which has a partial implementation
  of X/Open curses (report by JS) -TD
* correct insert_blanks_in_line(), which did not copy trailing style codes
  such as stop-underline, causing "lynx -dump -with_backspaces" to produce
  some odd effects -TD
* modify configure script macro CF_NCURSES_VERSION to define NCURSES, in case
  it is used in the default screen setting, since lynx uses this definition in
  some places rather than NCURSES_VERSION to distinguish it from other curses
  implementations -TD
* modify configure script macro CF_NCURSES_CPPFLAGS to check for ncurses.h
  before curses.h, and to specifically check for <ncurses/ncurses.h>, to avoid
  spurious matches against a /usr/include/ncurses.h, to workaround problems
  with obsolete versions of ncurses on FreeBSD and NetBSD where the current
  version is often available only as a "port" (reports by Jim Spath,
  Michael Warner) -TD
* add fallback definition for SLSMG_xxx_CHAR symbols which may be missing in
  older versions of slang (reported by Eduardo Chappa) -TD
* update config.guess, config.sub

Thomas E. Dickey <address@hidden>

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