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lynx-dev Foreign characters

From: Adalbert Goertz
Subject: lynx-dev Foreign characters
Date: Sat, 06 Nov 1999 01:52:10 GMT

Subject : Re: lynx-dev Foreign characters       Reference : NONE 
5-Nov-99 14:58 Adalbert Goertz wrote: 
> address@hidden 
> Hi: 
> I would like to use German on lynx. 
> What should go into 
> (G) , (H), and (C) ? 
Please consult with the documentation. It is covered by Lynx User Guide 
RE: internationalization, 8bit, unicodes etc. 
and links from that place. 
the first two optional and generally unused,  the (C) - really important. 
In would be more comfortable IMHO to use new forms-based option menu 
(you probably disable it) for this kind of job: 
reading docs/ trying different display charsets/ test / etc. until success. 
> What website would list the charactersets (C) ? 
> Thanks for your help. 
>              Options Menu (Lynx Version 2.8.2pre.6) 
>      (E)ditor                     : emacs 
>      (D)ISPLAY variable           : 
>      mu(L)ti-bookmarks: OFF       B)ookmark file: lynx_bookmarks.html 
>      (F)TP sort criteria          : By Filename 
>      (P)ersonal mail address      : address@hidden 
>      (S)earching type             : CASE INSENSITIVE 
>      preferred document lan(G)uage: en 
>      preferred document c(H)arset : NONE 
>      display (C)haracter set      : Western 
> (ISO-8859-1)address@hidden 
adalbewrt goertz responds: 
Please, consult WHICH documentation? I have loaded down all 
kinds of lynx FAQs, user guides. This was not among the answers I 
seek. How do I enable the new option menu which I have seen 
in one of the docs I downloaded? 
Which URL-doc addresses international character handling in 
lynx the best? Especially the (C) choices? 

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