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Re: [lwip-users] PPP no IP address assigned

From: Michael Waeber
Subject: Re: [lwip-users] PPP no IP address assigned
Date: Wed, 01 Apr 2015 17:27:41 +0200
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Hello Sylvain
On 01.04.2015 14:02, Sylvain Rochet wrote:

>>> snip ..
> That's a perfect IPCP request ;-)
>> After this frame the communication is dead, no answer received, no other
>> frame sent.
>> I've tried using various combinations of
>> - No auth, PAP, Chap
>> - With/without VJ header compression
>> Questions:
>> a) Has anybody a hint why it does not work? I think the provider should
>>    send a IPCP Configuration Request/Ack/Nack?
> Yes, your modem should. There is no PPP inside the GSM network, the PPP
> session is only between your device and your modem over its serial link.
OK, thanks for this information. I will check this issue with the modem
and/or manufacturer.
>> b) I do not receive a callback (see pppos_create()). After a long
>>    timeout I try to restart, but without success: The stack is in a
>>    deadlock, I can't close the session. ppp_close(m_pSelf->ppp, true)
>>    does not give a callback either. So the only solution is to reset the
>>    whole system. How do I reset a hanging PPP session if no
>>    communication happens?
> Looks like your lwIP timeouts are not working or you don't have enough
> of them, PPP needs a lot of timeouts, could you check that first ?
What do you exactly mean with "timeouts"? We have set NO_SYS=1, so there
is no such
thing as OS timeout. Is the PPP part not driven by the TCP main task
tcp_tmr()? Do i have to
call another function for PPP if NO_SYS=1?

I've increased MEMP_NUM_SYS_TIMEOUT from 10 to 50, but receive no
callback either.


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