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[lwip-users] lwip gpio

From: sandhya pochiraju
Subject: [lwip-users] lwip gpio
Date: Thu, 5 Mar 2015 16:18:20 -0800

hi all, 
I would like to do a project with microblaze and lwip. i have a atrix 7 based board. 
I am looking at this app note and have few questions. 

I would like to create a static web page which can ready switches and toggle leds. 

I know _javascript_ and html but i do not know how to make them talk to gpios. 
my code must be able to read led value from gpio and write to gpio to toggle led. 

another question is - is there any recommended os to work with lwip. Does lwip work correctly with standalone os?

I would be grateful if there are any examples or tutorials on lwip and how to use it to talk to gpios. 


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