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[lwip-users] TCP hang on sys_arch_sem_wait()

From: Tomek
Subject: [lwip-users] TCP hang on sys_arch_sem_wait()
Date: Tue, 27 Aug 2013 00:22:58 -0700 (PDT)


I have some issues with my implementation of lwip stack. I try to set
webserver on stm32f4. In local network there is no big issue (device can be
hanged for a while on big load, but it "returns" quickly), but in high
latency network (i. e. mobile 3G) it is possible to device been hanged
permanently. In this state lwip stack stays on sys_arch_sem_wait().

Wireshark's logs seem similiar to:

So far I have searched mailing list and google. There is few points which
can be hazardous in different implementation of stm32f4's port, but I have
rung some changes and since about a week I can't find nothing new (and issue
is still present).

If any settings/ ETH driver code is required, I will deliver it, but I have
made so many changes in lwip options and ETH driver, that I start to assume
that I miss something obvious (maybe general rule of lwip).


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