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[lwip-users] Version 1.4.0 timers

From: Bernard Mentink
Subject: [lwip-users] Version 1.4.0 timers
Date: Tue, 1 Mar 2011 13:50:15 +1300

Hi There,

I am trying to upgrade from version 1.3.2 to version 1.4.0. I notice quite a difference around the timers, is there any documentation on how to implement the timers for the new version?

In the older version (I am using NO_SYS=1) I periodically called tcp_tmr() etharp_tmr() etc from my own hardware timers, looking through timers.c I see that it is done differently, but I don't
see any documentation on how to implement the new timers.

I get linker errors looking for a function called sys_now() which I am guessing returns the contents of a millisecond tick?

Hope someone can help here ..


You always have believers and scepticts.. A True inventor is always a believer..

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