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[lwip-users] Slow TCP

From: Bernard Mentink
Subject: [lwip-users] Slow TCP
Date: Tue, 1 Mar 2011 11:11:53 +1300

Hi All,

I have just ported lwIP to LPC17xx processor family combined with the QP OS.

What I have tested is UDP and ping works. To test TCP I have included a web server. The page sort of loads, but very slowly and doesn't finish .. also after
the webpage action, pings and UDP no longer work ... so the stack is in a weird state ..

I ran a diagnostic session with Colasoft Capsa 7 package and the gist of it is below:

 All Diagnosis 57

 Application Layer 6 
 HTTP Suspicious Conversation 2 
 HTTP Server Slow Response 4 
 Transport Layer 51 
 TCP Connection Retry 2 
 TCP Retransmission 3 
 TCP Slow Response 45 
 TCP Duplicated Acknowledgement 1     

Having a look at the slow response packets I typically get this:

 Infomation Performance Transport TCP Slow ACK(Packet[103] and Packet[97]from 178 ms)   10:1F:E0:12:1D:0C     00:19:5B:5D:98:39
 Infomation Performance Transport TCP Slow ACK(Packet[104] and Packet[97]from 178 ms)   10:1F:E0:12:1D:0C   00:19:5B:5D:98:39  

The Source IP is which is lwIP ..

Can anyone help with how to diagnose this further ..

Many Thanks,

You always have believers and scepticts.. A True inventor is always a believer..

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