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[lwip-users] General clarification needed!

From: Teckinal Greek
Subject: [lwip-users] General clarification needed!
Date: Tue, 2 Nov 2010 10:41:49 +0000

I went through the implementation of RTP using lwIP socket programming for which I have read the author is Goldsimon. If I am quite correct is it the same Simon Goldschmidt. If in that case I would have a question for him. My question is does this project with root name  contrib / apps / rtp / rtp.c  just implement only RTP or it also includes RTCP. I am quite confused, since lwIP implementation is quite compact I need to post this question. As far as I can see it only implements RTP like sending and receiving RTP packets, also it is for socket programming. I am planning to implement the RTP/RTCP using lwIP Raw API. Since your project gives a good overview of implementing it on lwIP TCP/IP stack, I am planning to follow your approach for my implementation. On the other hand if you say there is entirely different implementation for RTCP, then please let me know that as well.  
Kind Regards,

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