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[lwip-users] about socket test problem?

From: xcbman
Subject: [lwip-users] about socket test problem?
Date: Thu, 3 Jul 2008 11:07:31 +0800

i use lwip1.3.0 in WinXp(ethernet),run down code,it will assert many point some time later. can any body help me? or do the test?
call testSocketFunc(). assert point such as:
 void tcp_slowtmr(void) -> LWIP_ASSERT("tcp_slowtmr: active pcb->state != TIME-WAIT\n", pcb->state != TIME_WAIT);
  static err_t tcp_process(struct tcp_pcb *pcb)  -> if ((flags & TCP_ACK) && (flags & TCP_SYN) && ackno == ntohl(pcb->unacked->tcphdr->seqno) + 1) ->pcb->unacked==NULL
void testSocket_connect_send_func(int cnt)
   int sock;
   struct sockaddr_in ListSvAddr;
  char sRecvBuff[100];
  sock = socket(PF_INET, SOCK_STREAM, 0);
  if(sock == -1){   
  iRet = connect(sock,(struct sockaddr*)&ListSvAddr,sizeof(ListSvAddr));
  if(iRet != ERR_OK){   
  sprintf(sRecvBuff,"send pkt times:%d",nCnt);
  iRet = send(sock,sRecvBuff,strlen(sRecvBuff),0);
void testSocketFunc(void)
 int i=1;
 while (1)

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