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[lwip-users] may be is bug in lwip1.3.0

From: xcbman
Subject: [lwip-users] may be is bug in lwip1.3.0
Date: Thu, 3 Jul 2008 11:15:16 +0800

i find some point,may be bug, in testing lwip1.3.0,hope useful to everybody.
1. ppp.c ->pppClose()
  if(!pc->linkStatusCB) {
    while(st >= 0 && lcp_phase[pd] != PHASE_DEAD) {
      //break; //remove to resolve pppclose immediatly return ,may be is a lwip bug.
2. sockets.c ->lwip_recvfrom()
      if (!buf) {
        /* We should really do some error checking here. */
        LWIP_DEBUGF(SOCKETS_DEBUG, ("lwip_recvfrom(%d): buf == NULL!\n", s));
  if(sock->conn==NULL)    //add : close(sock)=>free(sock->conn)=>netconn_recv() return 0;
   sock_set_errno(sock,ERR_CLSD); //add
   sock_set_errno(sock, (((sock->conn->pcb.ip!=NULL) && (sock->conn->err==ERR_OK))?ETIMEDOUT:err_to_errno(sock->conn->err)));
  return 0;

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