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[lwip-users] dhcp_bind never called if DHCP_DOES_ARP_CHECK

From: Muhamad Ikhwan Ismail
Subject: [lwip-users] dhcp_bind never called if DHCP_DOES_ARP_CHECK
Date: Mon, 16 Jun 2008 12:41:53 +0000

Hi guys,

I have tried to implement DHCP on my project. The DHCP works just fine, at least during the IP address acquiring part.
After it obtained the address, it then does ARP checking automatically(set in opt.h since DHCP_DOES_ARP CHECK = LWIP_DHCP&&LWIP_ARP).
In this case then it sends the ARP check packet, but I am guessing the timeout to check for the ARP reply was never called
and hence the dhcp_bind was never called. Hence my netif stays not initialised despite my DHCP client successfully obtained a valid address
from the server. As soon as I turn off the DHCP_DOES_ARP_CHECK, dhcp_bind was called and all is well with my netif.
Is this a bug ? I dont need the ARP check after DHCP but I guess you guys should check it out ? Could it be my fault too ?

My platform : lwip 1.3.0 (release version) on PowerPC MPC852T little endian running SMX RTOS from MicroDigitals.

M Ikhwan Ismail

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