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[lwip-users] what this error is for????

From: Kiran Bacchewar
Subject: [lwip-users] what this error is for????
Date: Sun, 15 Jun 2008 20:01:07 +0530

hi all,
AM using the lwip1.3 in my project.... when i receive the frame from the network interface... the error pops up at belows line..
void etharp_ip_input(struct netif *netif, struct pbuf *p)
  struct ethip_hdr *hdr;
LWIP_ERROR("netif != NULL", (netif != NULL), return;);
 /* Only insert an entry if the source IP address of the
     incoming IP packet comes from a host on the local network. */
  hdr = p->payload;
  /* source is not on the local network? */
  if (!ip_addr_netcmp(&(hdr->ip.src), &(netif->ip_addr), &(netif->netmask))) {
    /* do nothing */
what this error is for?? my understanding is, when i initialize the netif struct, netif is not going to be NULL at any time... and in my project i have initialized the netif, even though this error occurs.....
and if i comment it out, the packet is forwarded to the ip layer without any problem....
thank you in advance.


Kirankumar K B

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