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Version 3.40 of Lout now available

From: Jeff Kingston
Subject: Version 3.40 of Lout now available
Date: Wed, 26 Jun 2013 10:31:05 +1000
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Version 3.40 of the Lout document formatting system is now available
from the usual place:


A PostScript version of the User's Guide is at


As always, please send reports of any problems to me, either via
the mailing list or directly to address@hidden

Also if you are one of the first to install this version, could
you let me know how it goes.  I'm slightly nervous because it
has been three years since the last release.

Jeff Kingston

Changes and new features introduced in Version 3.40 [June 2013]

   Bug fixes:
     MAX_STACK in z06.c increased (again) to 250.
     Rare crash at "env = SetEnv(res, env);" given truly horrible patch.
     @Pie totalweight default was not inherited from @PieSetup; fixed now.
     @DefinitionTitleFormat, @ClaimTitleFormat, @PropositionTitleFormat,
       @LemmaTitleFormat, @CorollaryTitleFormat, @ExampleTitleFormat fixed.
     Problem with eogonek in titles (Kamil Rytarowski, Uwe) fixed.
   JavaScript and Tcl languages added to prg2lout.c (Mark Summerfield).
   @Place symbol now available when setting setup file options.
   New version of @Graph with @GraphSetup symbol in setup file.  Should
     be 100% backward compatible, if not use @SysInclude { old_graph }.
   New ISOB4, ISOB5, JISB4, and JISB5 paper sizes.  The old B4 and B5
     sizes are still available unchanged, though now deprecated.
   New @Diag options: outlinecolour for nodes, pathcolour for links.
   I've also lightly revised the User's Guide, to remove some bad
     line and page breaks that had crept into the A4 version.

   Things not done

   Still no move to a version control system.  It just isn't worth my
     time.  If anyone wants to take it on, you have my blessing, but
     be warned that the copyright of hyphenation files is a swamp.

   Forematter (@Preface etc.) in books.  I have a suggestion from
     Joerg Jung about moving the @Abbreviations section into the
     forematter, and another from Mark Summerfield for a generic
     scheme (@ForeMatterA ... @ForeMatterE with user-selectable
     titles).  Rather than do that I would prefer one @ForeMatter
     symbol but allow a sequence of invocations of it, like we
     have now for @Chapter and @Appendix.  There is already an
     @AfterTitlePage symbol that can be used as a workaround.  I'm
     a bit at a loss so I've decided to do nothing for now.  However
     this could be looked at again.  Some discussion might help.

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