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Re: How to get this kind of character ?

From: Dominique Crétel
Subject: Re: How to get this kind of character ?
Date: Mon, 28 Mar 2011 19:07:16 +0200


Thanks a lot for your help.
I've just tried your three sample flowcharts.
It's fine.

I also prefer Lout for my papers.
Lout is more simple (for me) than latex which I used it a long time ago.


Le 26 mars 2011 à 16:38, Mark T. B. Carroll a écrit :

> Dominique Crétel <address@hidden> writes:
>> Does some one can tell me if it's possible to get this kind of characters?
> If you can find it as a font somewhere there's a chance you can get Lout
> to use it. For ttf fonts I convert them to afm and then they sometimes
> seem to work, but it's a bit of fuss even when they do. I don't think
> I've managed to get Lout to be able to use the OpenOffice-default
> Liberation fonts or anything yet, perhaps it's some kind of Unicode
> issue I don't understand. New font stuff involves using the @FontDef
> keyword up with the includes and whatever, and then after @Document I
> set @InitialFont, but I seem to have to comment that @InitialFont bit
> out the first time for Lout to notice the @FontDef and then I uncomment
> it for the second run and it works.
> Sorry I don't really know what I'm doing. (-: But, basically, if you can
> find an appropriate font somewhere in an appropriate format, then if you
> look up stuff about @FontDef you might be able to figure out how to get
> Lout to use it.
> On your previous flowchart question, I include a few diagrams I made.
> They're for a past employer, but they won't mind me sharing them here
> just to give you an idea of how to make diagrams. I don't know if you
> would prefer to do a different kind of diagram a different way, perhaps
> these are too unlike the flowcharts that you wish to make. And, it's
> perhaps heresy here, but it can be worth glancing at LaTeX's TikZ for
> this kind of stuff too, though so far I've preferred Lout for most
> things.
> Mark
> <flow1.lout><flow2.lout><flow3.lout>

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