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Re: How to get this kind of character ?

From: Mark T. B. Carroll
Subject: Re: How to get this kind of character ?
Date: Sat, 26 Mar 2011 11:38:27 -0400
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Dominique Crétel <address@hidden> writes:

> Does some one can tell me if it's possible to get this kind of characters?

If you can find it as a font somewhere there's a chance you can get Lout
to use it. For ttf fonts I convert them to afm and then they sometimes
seem to work, but it's a bit of fuss even when they do. I don't think
I've managed to get Lout to be able to use the OpenOffice-default
Liberation fonts or anything yet, perhaps it's some kind of Unicode
issue I don't understand. New font stuff involves using the @FontDef
keyword up with the includes and whatever, and then after @Document I
set @InitialFont, but I seem to have to comment that @InitialFont bit
out the first time for Lout to notice the @FontDef and then I uncomment
it for the second run and it works.

Sorry I don't really know what I'm doing. (-: But, basically, if you can
find an appropriate font somewhere in an appropriate format, then if you
look up stuff about @FontDef you might be able to figure out how to get
Lout to use it.

On your previous flowchart question, I include a few diagrams I made.
They're for a past employer, but they won't mind me sharing them here
just to give you an idea of how to make diagrams. I don't know if you
would prefer to do a different kind of diagram a different way, perhaps
these are too unlike the flowcharts that you wish to make. And, it's
perhaps heresy here, but it can be worth glancing at LaTeX's TikZ for
this kind of stuff too, though so far I've preferred Lout for most


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