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Re: Status of Wiki on Lout's SF account

From: KHMan
Subject: Re: Status of Wiki on Lout's SF account
Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2008 11:55:20 +0800
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Jeff Kingston wrote:
> I won't be getting involved in a Lout SF page.  No offence to
> anyone, but I have enough to do to keep the Lout distributions
> coming.

Roger, understand. We owe you a great deal for keeping Lout
going... :-)

Actually, I think there's a bit of misunderstanding. My suggestion
of your getting admin status for the SF account is only for
'Overlord' status, which does not involve any work except to keep
the account handy to assign admins if necessary. That is what I
meant by my emphasis on redundancy -- as in if some of us drop
off, the more people the less chance of losing control entirely.

But eventually, I think somewhere down the line, sites like SF
should have an optional 'dead man's switch' (as opposed to the
usual method -- forking)... human beings don't last forever
anyway. Anyway, having lots of such accounts can also be a bother
sometimes... I have to keep mine in a list.

> I am willing to update my own page, of course.  I see that the
> link to Uwe's Lout page no longer goes anywhere, so I will
> remove that for a start.

Okay, that clears it up.

The number one task is now to rebuild the wiki information into a
suitable simple site -- there is a lot of information there that
we should keep around for current or new users or visitors. I am
very practical -- my priority is something that is as simple as
possible and has a minimum barrier for future contributors to
those pages. Right know, I am leaning towards some kind of static
pages maintained via SFTP, keeping in mind the very limited
resources this community has.

We need adequate page(s) done with the least work, so that
incremental changes in the future will be easy and there will be
little or no maintenance. I also prefer to avoid any
release-specific changes and instead point site visitors to the
relevant SF pages.

Anyway, I will wait a few days for the list to weigh in on how to
build the website. Putting in a burst of work is fine with me, as
long as future maintenance of the pages is either minimal or there
is at least two persons capable of fiddling with the pages.

Kein-Hong Man (esq.)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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