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Re: Status of Wiki on Lout's SF account

From: Mark Summerfield
Subject: Re: Status of Wiki on Lout's SF account
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2008 08:06:08 +0000
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On 2008-02-27, KHMan wrote:
> I don't feel I should subvert SF services if I don't pay for it.
> SF needs to find revenue too...
> I'll be doing some intermittent work on the new wiki in the next
> week or two, if nobody on the list is strongly negative on it. For
> reference:
> New URL: http://lout.wiki.sourceforge.net/
> Old URL: http://lout.sourceforge.net/index_ORIG.php

Looks good to me:-)

Mark Summerfield, Qtrac Ltd., www.qtrac.eu

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